Fug Girls: An Emma Stone Look-alike and More at Christian Siriano

Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty

When we arrived at Christian Siriano’s show on Saturday afternoon, the photographers were going mad for a slim blonde girl twirling her crisp white cape dress like an A-list diva. There was something familiar-ish about her, like when you see someone at Starbucks and can’t remember if you know their face from college or from Bravo. Then we placed it: If you looked at her out of the corner of your eye, there was an 85 percent chance you might think she was Emma Stone — and the way she flipped that cape dress around, while reporters scratched their heads to figure out who, exactly, she was (“I saw her putting on makeup backstage and I had to triple-check that it wasn’t Emma,” one reporter whispered), we’re pretty sure the effect was intentional. Her name, in fact, is Nicole LaLiberte. She was in How to Make It In America and, per her IMDb page, she also not-so-coincidentally used to be an Emma Stone-style redhead. The Internet also tells us that she models for Siriano, which makes us think that Christian needs to get some more prominent ad buys happening if none of us recognized his muse — although frankly, her being mistaken for Emma Stone isn’t so unfortunate for either of them. We dream of having such problems.

Finally, though, more of the usual suspects came pouring from the backstage area, starting with Ashlee Simpson in ice blue shoes that didn’t actually fit her feet. We were more fixated on her face, though, because there’s been something different about it this Fashion Week and we couldn’t put our finger on it. Until today. Take a note: Sometimes a girl will just experiment with a stronger brow, and a couple of old crotchety bloggers will start speculating that she’s had work done. Sorry, Ashlee.  Also present and accounted for: Shailene Woodley, whose ponytail remained as pert and perfect as it was at Rebecca Taylor earlier in the day; Kate Nash, who spent much of the time chattering away with Ashlee; and Isabelle Fuhrman, whose brows are basically perfect and don’t make anyone launch into unfounded speculation.
We made our way over to chat with the Hunger Games star, who told us that she’s been busy with school, the new movie she has coming out, and her directorial debut (of her sister’s music video; apparently becoming a multi-hyphenate starts in the home).  Obviously, though, what we really wanted to talk about was Orphan, her debut film — and, sincerely, the greatest movie of our time — in which she played a middle-aged, Eastern European sociopath with a growth disorder and a taste for both murder and Peter Sarsgaard’s bod. “I shot it when I was ten, and I read the script when I was nine, and now looking back, I understand it,” Isabelle said. “I understood where she was coming from. I knew all she wanted was to find love, and that was her main mission. I think that’s how I was able to [play that part]. I didn’t judge her for it. You have to love a character to be able to portray them.” And you have to really love a girl who can find a genuine place in her heart for a homicidal, stunted Russian hooker. We don’t know how she can top that, but as long as her career doesn’t involve going all Single White Female on Emma Stone, we think she’ll be just fine.

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Fug Girls: Was Emma Stone at Christian Siriano?!