Fug Girls: Who Are These Celebs at BCBG’s Show?

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

After seven years of covering the front rows, we are rarely stumped by a front-row denizen’s identity — at least, not for long, even if at first we guess incorrectly (sorry, Gwyneth Paltrow, about that time we briefly mistook a dude for you). But on Thursday morning at BCBG, our first show of the season, we got scared for a second that our celeb-spotting eagle eyes had suddenly developed cataracts: Photographers swarmed a girl in a snug orange dress with a sleek, short dark bob, and we spied a People reporter clamoring for an interview, yet we’d never seen her before. Much later we learned it was Smash newcomer Krysta Rodriguez, whose show we — like most of America — completely forgot to watch when it bowed on Tuesday. We’d have nailed this one, if only we’d been part of the 1.1 (as in, its rating), which we’ve decided is totally 2013’s version of the 47 percent.

Krysta sat next to Blue Bloods actress Sami Gayle, whose forward-combed pixie cut looked especially Bieber 2011, although we far prefer her cute blue and white dress to the saggy-crotched tragedy pants that he’s been into lately. Models Jessica Hart and Julie Henderson sat next to them, looking refreshingly un-made-up and comfortable, especially on a morning where the news is all about how we’re going to get 3 or maybe 30 inches of snow. We can’t be focusing on eyeliner at a time like this. We need to worry about whether we have enough wine in stock.

Way down at the end of celebrity — or, in this case, “celebrity” — row was Alexa Ray Joel, who must be well prepared for Nemo, the impending storm’s cuddly name, given that she clearly had plenty of time this morning to devote to her truly impressive cat-eye liner/false lashes job. As we squashed past her on the way to our seats, we overheard her hold court at length to an assembled clutch of reporters on how much she loves Justin Timberlake and how she can’t understand why he’s wasted so much time acting instead of making sweet music for us (okay, some of the editorializing in that sentence might be ours). Handy with a makeup brush and a fan of JT? Can we weather the blizzard at her place?

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