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Fug Girls: Katherine Heigl Shills Dog Collars at Reem Acra

Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images

The buzz at Reem Acra on Monday night was that Katherine Heigl planned to take in the show, but that she’d be arriving late. Given that we’d already seen Uma Thurman make a grand entrance at Donna Karan, we wondered – hoped, truly  – that Heigl’s arrival would be even bigger. Heralded by trumpets, perhaps, or smuggled in under a giant sequined tarp thrown off in a blaze of fireworks to reveal that she was hiding an Olsen under each arm.

Instead, Heigl came in with zero drama at all, much less pyrotechnics. Instead she wore a nervously excited smile. And contrary to her Knocked Up days, when she got a reputation for being difficult, Heigl seemed tickled that anyone at all wanted to talk to her or take her photo. She did an endearingly dorky little clap before the cameras rolled and practically bounced in place while talking about Fashion Week. “I haven’t been in fifteen years. I’m so excited!” she told Extra. “I love fashion. I’m totally hopeless at it, but I love it.” Then, almost self-consciously, she plugged a line of dog collars she’s doing for Target (the sheer randomness of which is only mitigated by the fact that it’s for charity), seemed so game to keep talking to all comers that her wrangler had to be the one to shut things down, and then offered up one more round of photos. “Am I sucking it in enough?” she joked, brushing down the peplum on her lacy cocktail dress. In sum, she seemed like somebody who’d be a lot of fun at happy hour. Bonus points if she actually could smuggle in at least one Olsen.

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Fug Girls: Heigl Shills Dog Collars at Reem Acra