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Harry Brant Was Confident About His French Test This Morning

Harry Brant, pre-test.
Harry Brant, pre-test. Photo: Joe Stevens/Corbis

Harry Brant was late to Cindi Leive’s dinner party for Jason Wu at the Beatrice Inn last night. His mom, Stephanie Seymour — the star of Wu’s spring 2013 campaign — had already been there for hours before he arrived. “I was at the premiere for the Rooney Mara movie,” said Harry, excusing his tardiness. “And then also I had to study for my test tomorrow. A French test. Tu parles francais?” We answered, in very broken French, that we spoke only un peu. “That’s pretty much all I can say, too,” Brant assured us, diplomatically. “Oui, je parle francais un peu. And also ça va. I was just in Paris, for couture. I can’t go for ready-to-wear, because that’s when my exams are. Can’t skip that!” So was he ready for his test this morning? “Yeah, I’m ready,” he said. “I’m always ready. That’s why I couldn’t go to the beginning of this. I might as well stay for the whole dinner if I wasn’t going to be ready!”

Harry Brant Confident About Today’s French Test