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Here’s How Brad Goreski and Other Angelenos Dealt With the Snow

Photo: Billy Farrell/ NYC

While New Yorkers tromped through the snow in stilettos last night, West Coasters gingerly peered from frosted town-car windows. “I had a driver sent,” Jaime King told us at the Kate Spade party last night. “I’m not trying to mess around. I stepped in a huge puddle on the way here. I had to empty out my entire shoe — it was a fucking pool of water.” Had she at least packed for impending danger? “I knew the storm was coming, so I had a bunch of things called in at the hotel and I just packed pajamas.”

Angeleno Brad Goreski didn’t fare much better. “I was wearing Louboutins today and I was slipping and sliding everywhere. I was afraid of cracking my skull open on the sidewalk,” he confessed, adding that he has since upgraded to rubber-bottomed Lanvin boots. “I love these boots and now they’re ruined. Whatever. I’ll replace them with something cuter.” So how would he get to shows in his cute new kicks? “Car service, baby.”

Anyone else noticing a trend?

Here’s How Angelenos Dealt With the Snow