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Don’t Call Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Forthcoming Website a Blog

Photo: David X Prutting/

Last night, at the closing of the art exhibit “Merci Mercy,” co-curated by her brother Vladimir and Christine Messineo, Julia Restoin Roitfeld told the Cut she’s preparing to launch her new online publication for parents in early March. In the meantime, get one thing straight: “It’s not a blog,” she said. “I don’t like the word blog so much. It’s really an online publication, like for young and expecting moms and dads, and established moms and dads as well. It’s glamorous and artistic,” she said, dashing our visions of DIY Play-Do recipes and kvetching about the carpool line. Restoin Roitfeld said unless a photo shoot demands her attention onsite, she’s been working on the project from home while her 9-month-old, Romy, naps. So what about during those photo shoots? Does Carine ever babysit? “I haven’t let her yet,” she said. “I’m actually a very controlling mom. Tonight it’s my boyfriend. He’s daddy-on-duty tonight. Soon, when she’ll be a bit more grown-up and able to talk, she’ll probably have sleepovers at Vlad’s or at my mom’s, and that’ll be really cute.” Slumber party photo shoot!

Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s Website Is Not a Blog