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Kate Middleton Went Shopping Again, Wore a Poncho

Kate Middleton, pregnant.
Kate Middleton, pregnant. Photo: TOPSTAR

Kate Middleton escaped the palace for some more aimless shopping in West London, this time stopping in an unnamed “footwear boutique,” E! News reports. But unlike the previous few sightings, one onlooker actually had the presence of mind to take her picture, which he is now peddling to news outlets like this one for obscene amounts of money. Here she is, looking the same as usual only with a baggy tartan poncho — from Zara, should you be interested. Perhaps this means she’s starting to show, but isn’t ready for the big reveal yet? Also of note: her fancy ponytail. It appears that her pregnancy hairdo of choice involves a little volume at the crown, à la her post-hospital look. Or maybe it’s just a bangs-growing-out thing.

Kate Middleton Shopped Again, Wore a Poncho