Keira Knightley Not Impressed by Royal Fetus

Photo: Marie Claire

Thank heavens for Keira Knightley. In a sea of sunny starlets who take up magazine pages talking about how blessed they feel for their success, she is a rocky island of self-deprecation and discontent. “My career is on the verge of being ridiculous all the time,” Knightley told Marie Claire. “It’s all smoke and mirrors.” The actress is in the magazine this month registering her disapproval of so many things you’d think she’s auditioning for Chief Keef’s crew.

For example, Knightley’s not mad at the royal fetus, but they don’t exactly have compatible politics, you know?

“I’m over the moon about the royal baby. But I really can’t mount an argument in favor of a monarchy. Is that treason? Do I have to run in my passport?”

She does not even try to hide her disdain for Doris Duke’s jewels, on display at the Museum of Art and Design. Or for objects in general, really.

“They’re real, aren’t they?” She points to a necklace with enough bling to propose to the borough of Manhattan. “Could you imagine dancing in that? If you lost it? I won’t be defined by objects, I just won’t.”

Although Knightley admits to liking her fiancé, Klaxon’s keyboardist James Righton, she’s not about to cop to liking music too. (She might be onto something here. The only thing cooler than dating a musician is dating a musician and not liking his music, right?)

“I’m not someone who listens to a lot of music. But I get wonderful perspective by being with someone who is less like me than more like me. The way he thinks is something I don’t get.”

Knightley enjoys her house, but she’s hardly settled. Also, her furniture is crap.

“We love it, but it’s not the house … I don’t have anything valuable. Everything in our house is designed so you can spill things on it.”

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