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Lab Rat: Morning-After Eye Brighteners

Each weekend, I test out a few of the many beauty products to hit my desk so you can decide if you want to, also.

Topshop Brighten in Moonlight ($14): This concealer won’t cover up dark circles from a weekend full of late-night festivities, but it’s good at minimizing oily shine in that region while imparting flecks of light-reflecting particles on the skin. It blends in nicely and won’t get caught in creases and wrinkles. As of now, it seems to only be available in one pinkish-beige tone, which limits anyone with darker skin tones from using it.

Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment ($35): Since I only had a few days to test this product, it’s too short of a time period to see visible results against treating dark circles and fine lines. However, the rose-gold-toned luminizing cream definitely shines up the under-eye area, giving it a less dull appearance.

MAC Veluxe Pearl Eye Shadow in Altered State ($21): This limited-edition collection of metallic shadows pays homage, with a scaly imprint, to the Year of the Snake. As a not-so-subtle Baltimore Ravens fan, I opted to test out a violet shade for last night’s Beyoncé Bowl. While the shadow certainly looked purple in the pan, it just looked like a muted black once applied to a bare lid. For the most purply bang, lay down an eye shadow primer on lids first, which will prevent the shadow from migrating and give the hue a more concentrated impact.

Lab Rat: Morning-After Eye Brighteners