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Liberty Ross Just So Happens to Be in New York

Photo: Corbis

Don’t get too worked up, but there have been several Liberty Ross sightings in New York this week, the week of fashion. On Tuesday, she wore a belted fur coat, suede skirt, and black pumps to an appointment in Soho. It appears she skipped the sheer pantyhose despite the falling snow flurries; Kate Middleton, she is not. See that red bag? She doesn’t even need the strap. See her slight smile? She knows we’re going to Zoom-Analyze her look.

Yesterday, she was photographed in an unidentified area of Manhattan. She opted for all black — a structured jacket, a dress with an extraneous zipper, nylons, and her pumps from Tuesday. According to “Page Six,” last night she “strutted” at some party with a fake-tattoo artist, where she had the word LOVE inked on the inside of her wrist. Coincidentally, she is very naked in the latest issue of Love magazine!

Photo: NCP/Star Max/Getty Images

So, what is she doing in town, aside from eschewing L'eggs and trying out faux body art? Could this have to do with tomorrow's Alex Wang show? If he cancels because of the storm, does she want to hang?

Liberty Ross Just So Happens to Be in New York