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Marc Jacobs’s Fabric Has Finally Arrived From Italy

Photo: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

“I wouldn’t be here if we were showing tomorrow, obviously,” said Marc Jacobs’s longtime stylist and Love editor-in-chief Katie Grand, heading into last night’s Dsquared and Interview party with Calvin Klein’s Kevin Carrigan. Had Jacobs’s show kept its originally slotted time, Grand would have been deep in preshow preparation. “But it was impossible to show tomorrow,” she said. “We were waiting for fabrics that arrived last night. It was embroideries over embroideries over embroideries.  We were missing two whole sections of the show. The thing is, people think of the Marc business as being so vast that he can be God in a way  but if it’s all against you, you can’t show half a show.”

Still, Grand said the decision to postpone was painful to witness. “Everyone sat there depressed, thinking this is the worst thing that could happen to us,” she said. “You go along with it because you’re there to be supportive, not judgmental.” Reinforcing our suspicions that (some) fashion people are just like us, Grand said she’s been keeping spirits high for Marc & Co. with a playlist that includes instant mood-boosters Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen. “It was all about a power anthem,” she said. “The last two days, all about ‘Call Me Maybe,’ and ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together.’” The stylist started to head-bang and whisper-shout: “Nev-er, ev-er, ev-er, getting back together!” Now we see why Marc keeps inviting her back.

Marc Jacobs’s Fabric Has Finally Arrived