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Parker Posey: ‘I’m Not Anti-Hipster; I’m an Aging Hipster’

Photo: Paul Bruinooge/

Jean-Philippe Delhomme, author of the Unknown Hipster Diaries, illustrated the invitation to last night’s First Annual Turtle Ball at the Bowery Hotel. Parker Posey, gazing into a tank of swimming turtles, said she hadn’t seen the Hipster Diaries. “Is it a bunch of bearded guys?” she asked. “I think I’m ready for all the hair to go away. I think I’m ready for the skinhead, the punk. I think that might be the next evolvement of that. Get a little punk. But I’m not anti-hipster. I’m an aging hipster, myself. But that whole bearded thing is like a calling to other times, when we could listen to the hare in us, the turtle in us, and have a dialogue about it without feeling rushed.” One of the turtles climbed over the other, spouting sand out his nostrils. “They really bring you back to the beginning of everything, don’t they?”

While the turtles reminded Parker Posey of prehistoric times, Karlie Kloss — arriving just before dinner with Derek Blasberg — was transported to a more recent era. “I went to sea turtle summer camp when I was 8 years old,” she said, “and it was life-changing and amazing. It’s very treacherous to be a sea turtle and to make it from the nest to the ocean — like, twelve feet. Not many of them make that journey.” Blasberg laughed. “It’s a good analogy as we go into Fashion Week,” he said.

Parker Posey: ‘I’m an Aging Hipster’