Here’s Your Pic of Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump, ‘Skimpy Bikini’

Photo: Neil Warner/Corbis

On Saturday, the Mirror claimed paparazzi were shopping photographs of Kate Middleton in a “skimpy bikini” during her Mustique “babymoon.” However, the tabloid didn’t purchase the pics (for the low, low price of $392,000), or even look at them, out of respect for the royal family, leaving the U.S., Europe, or Australia to pony up. So, Italy’s Chi magazine, best-known for running a 26-page spread of Kate sunbathing topless last year, bought the pics and printed one on its cover, writes the Daily Mail — who published the cover on its own website, but blocked out the objectionable content. You can see Kate and her baby bump on Chi’s site, but those prone to shame-spirals, beware: She just looks like a slim commoner who ate too many fish and chips.

Here’s a Pic of K-Mid’s Baby Bump, Skimpy Bikini