Print Media Is Alive and Partying at Fashion Week

Photo: Neil Rasmus/ NYC

Last night, the dueling WSJ. and T parties took place at not-at-all-new venues – Wallsé, in the West Village, and the Grand Central Oyster Bar – perhaps proving, once and for all, that neither magazine is going for the trend-conscious downtown crowd. (At least there were cat cookies at Deborah Needleman’s celebration.) Something called “Herring & Herring” threw a bash for something called “Fit for Print Magazine” and VFiles pulled together its expected Bronfmans, cuddling Stephen Gans, et cetera. All the straight men? At the La Perla party, obviously. Evidence of that – and other party snaps from day two – in the slideshow below. Wish you were here.

Print Media Is Alive & Partying at Fashion Week