Spring Break Destination Not Ideal for Husband Hunting

Photo: Miro Photography/Corbis

Have Atlantic articles about the dearth of marriageable men set you on a frenzied hunt for the last Bachelors of Science–holding 34-year-old in America? Helpfully, The Atlantic has created a handy travel guide, using census data to rank the country’s largest meat markets by ratio of college-educated women under 35 to college-educated men under 35. (Being 36 and never having done a keg stand being the most serious of deal-breakers.) College towns, tech hubs, and Utah cities had the smallest education gap among young men and women, while Florida spring break towns dominated the bottom half of the list. Sarasota came in last, with college-educated women under 35 outnumbering college educated men under 35 by 67 percent. Those not on the hunt might enjoy Sarasota’s world-renowned art museum and manatee-watching. And if degree-matching doesn’t matter to you, The Wall Street Journal points out that North Dakota oil town Williston, North Dakota, has a lot of men — so long as you can stomach the nonstop sexual harassment.

Spring Break Town Not Ideal for Husband Hunting