Sorry, Animals: 137 Furriest Fashion Week Looks

Photo: Imaxtree

Racoons, minks, rabbits, and assorted soft rodents — we hope you like being dyed pink. If the runways could be summed up as one trend this season, it would be fur. It was if the designers knew there’d be a storm whirling through, and they all wanted their models to be as warm as possible. Fluffy, dramatic, can-I-please-pet-you pelts took the form of skirts, body-engulfing sleeping bags coats, bulbous gloves that covered arms, fuzzy hats, and even dresses and suits that, compared to the rest, seemed a little silly (unless, of course, you are a rich Russian). Here is the point in this paragraph where we’d single out designers who followed the trend most, but rather than bother forcing you to read through that (long) list, we suggest you simply click ahead to see the most furry of the hundreds of furry runway looks we’ve seen for fall 2013. There’s surely still more to come, but we’ll leave the animal kingdom alone. For now.