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‘Tanning Mom’ Is Moving to London Because She Has ‘a Lot of Modeling Jobs’

After a grand jury determined there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Patricia Krentcil on child endangerment charges for allegedly bringing her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth, the woman dubbed “Tanning Mom” had a few words with reporters outside her Nutley, New Jersey, home. She said, “What this world did, this past year, made a mockery of me, and I don’t appreciate that.” She added that she plans to move to London, apparently not part of this world, “because I have a lot of modeling jobs.” (Krentcil was once a babe — her glamour shots made the rounds over the summer.) Of her beauty regimen, she told CBS2, “I’m still going to tan, and I don’t care what anyone has to say” … about 35 minutes after she told the Daily News, “I’m not going to ever go into a tanning salon again.” In that interview, she claimed her next stop was the Bahamas for some “natural sun. Then I’ll come back black.”

‘Tanning Mom’ Moving to London to Model