Taylor Swift’s Night of Cool, Featuring Frank Ocean

Photo: Dave M. Benett/2013 Dave M. Benett

When I read that Taylor Swift was new BFFs with Frank Ocean, I could hardly believe it. Our Taylor? Of the cheesy Dirty Dancing photo shoot? And the Disney-themed Grammy performance, complete with tabloid-baiting dig at ex-boyfriend Harry Styles? (Who, for his part, seems to be getting along just fine with Cara Delevingne, a woman who could be described as both “kind of punk” and “a Victoria’s Secret model”?) Sure, it’s hard to tell from the photo whether she and Ocean did anything more than stand near each other on the dance floor briefly. But Swift certainly looked like she was playing a chic, more mature part in pictures from that night. She laughed and danced with indie celeb friends much cooler than hers. She openly held a flute of Champagne! She wore uncharacteristically sexy, black, grown-ass woman dresses on the Brit Awards red carpet and to the Universal Music after party at the Soho House pop-up in London. Oh yes, did I mention that all this went down on his turf? In The Cut’s unexpectedly ongoing series honoring the celebrities who party properly, I give you Taylor Swift, living the newly single-girl revenge fantasy.

Taylor Swift’s Night of Cool, Feat. Frank Ocean