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Is This a Pot-Leaf Apparition in Snoop Dogg’s Facial Hair?

Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As of late, Snoop Dogg-Lion has put more effort into his beauty regimen, matching his manicure to his preferred smoking method (“French tip for the french enhale [sic]”) and starting his day with a green juice, which makes skin glow. And on Monday, he attended The Hollywood Reporter Nominees’ Night in Beverly Hills, and the scraggle between his bottom lip and goatee appeared to be loosely trimmed in the shape of a marijuana leaf. Before you ask how stoned we are right now, consider this: Reported Virgin Mary sightings (based on a truly cursory Google search) include on a piece of toast auctioned for $28,000, at a New Jersey car wash, in a tree, on a turtle, in a George Foreman Grill, and in bird poop — now the pot-leaf apparition in Snoop’s beard doesn’t sound so farfetched, does it? And who pays $28K for toast? Someone with the munchies, that’s who.

Is This a Pot-Leaf Apparition in Snoop’s Beard?