Vena Cava’s Recovery Begins With Lizzy Caplan

A look from Viva Vena. Photo: Courtesy of Vena Cava

A year ago, things were looking grim for Vena Cava. They stopped showing at Fashion Week, and rumors circulated that they were selling off their furniture to avoid demise. But then an angel investor in the form of LF USA swooped in with a cash infusion, and they set about fixing up their business model. First up: reviving their lower-priced line, Viva Vena, which apparently has languished for long enough that they’re now calling it “new.” From the press release:

This month, CFDA-Nominated Designers Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai are excited to bring you their new line, Viva Vena!

Viva Vena! is Vena Cava’s sister line and she’s friendlier to your bank account. The vibe is thrift store meets designer, meets “Where did you find that?”

New or not, welcome back! To usher in their new era, Mayock and Buhai tapped actress Lizzy Caplan (of Mean Girls and True Blood nudity fame) to front the brand with a video. Here’s a first look at the clothes, which range in price from $59 to $159 and will hit stores later this month.

Vena Cava’s Recovery Begins With Lizzy Caplan