Versace Presents: Furry Bumblebees!

Bees at Versace.
Bees at Versace. Photo: Getty Images

Versace’s fall 2013 collection brought lots of Donatella’s usual tight dresses, studded leather, and animal prints. But there were some interesting new developments too, including a number of furry black and yellow garments that made the models look like bumblebees. And not the mean, yellow-jacket kind — these were definitely the big, dumb, lazy sort that always bump around drunkenly like someone spiked their honey. This is the very first (and perhaps only) time a Versace show makes us think of Winnie the Pooh.

In a season full of absurd furry ensembles, Donatella should be lauded for making hers stand out from the pack. But let’s not forget where the bee idea originated, and pay credit where it’s due:

The original furry bee. Photo: Jackson Lee / Splash News/Corbis
Versace Presents: Furry Bumblebees!