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New York Greats: Elettra Wiedemann Talks to Michael Kors

For the final installment of our New York Greats series, Elettra Wiedemann spoke with Michael Kors on the penultimate day of prep for his fall 2013 show. Despite the high stress level (or maybe because of it), Kors was in a mood to do what he does best, next to fashion design: tell hilarious stories. Like the time Marc Anthony was starstruck by Kors at the Met Ball urinals, or the time a child Kors appeared in a Lucky Charms commercial but had to picture the cereal as french fries to look happier while chowing down. As if that wasn’t enough hilarity, the self-proclaimed tabloid junkie imagined what his Life & Style headline would read, if he ever has the misfortune of gracing its cover. All that and more in our video above.

See the complete Michael Kors fall 2013 collection here.

Video: Elettra Wiedemann Talks to Michael Kors