Video: Elettra Wiedemann Helped Mickey Boardman Pack for Paris Fashion Week

Before Paper Magazine’s Mickey Boardman hopped on a plane bound for Paris Fashion Week, he invited over friend and the Cut’s Fashion Week correspondent Elettra Wiedemann (she previously interviewed DVF, Michael Kors, Donna Karan, and Carolina Herrera) to help him pack. Wiedemann has been modeling for more than a decade, which meant she often had to pack at a moment’s notice to fly to a job, while Boardman admits “I am the worst packer, I have many good qualities, but packing is not one of them.” Watch our video above for Elettra’s tips and tricks, including her flat-pack folding technique (“Who taught me to roll, goddammit!?” shouts Boardman), and find out if it’s possible to fit a week’s worth of Boardman’s sparkly sweaters, Lacoste polos, and necklaces into a teeny carry-on case.

Video: Elettra’s Paris Fashion Week Packing Tips