Video: William Norwich Talks to Oscar de la Renta

As part of a look back on Oscar de la Renta’s 50 years of designing in New York, we recently sat down with the iconic designer, who discussed his thoughts on Wang-era Balenciaga, how he deals with creative blocks, and what it’s like to work with John Galliano, who’s currently a designer-in-residence at de la Renta’s studio. “Everyone should always have a second chance,” de la Renta said. We also learned more about de la Renta’s personal life: He plays bridge online, wears the same tie over and over, and only phones friends in order to tease them. Oh, and he once nearly threw a punch at the very reporter sitting in this interview. Watch our video above for that story and more.

Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2013 collection shows tonight at 6:30 pm.

Video: William Norwich With Oscar de la Renta