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That One Time Jennifer Lawrence Modeled for Abercrombie

Like many actresses, Jennifer Lawrence began her career as an unsuccessful model. On Conan last night, she recounted her onetime experience on an Abercrombie shoot, which — as Abercrombie sets so often do — involved a co-ed football game on a beach and presumably cutoff shorts. They never used any images of her, and her agent eventually wrote to them to ask why. Because a picture is worth a thousand e-mails, they simply sent over the photographs by way of explanation. Says Lawrence:

There’s this one picture where this girl is just about to catch the football, and I’m behind her, with flared nostrils, red face, my hair’s crazy, and I’m like, WRAHHHH! And she screamed, “Get her away from me!”

The only thing wrong with this story is the lack of photographic evidence, which hopefully won’t remain the case for long.

When Jennifer Lawrence Modeled for Abercrombie