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Young Peter Brant Swaddled Himself in Valentino

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Last night at Jeffrey, Peter Brant Jr. carried a camo man-purse from the capsule collection of camouflage menswear that was being celebrated. “It’s kind of like briefcase thingy, like a folder – like a little book or something,” he explained, before we suggested it might be a … Trapper Keeper? “What is that?” he asked, before we went full elder auntie, explaining our elementary school years. “Like the cool thing,” Brant interrupted. “My generation was all about the wheelie backpack. You were so cool if you had a wheelie backpack. I had a little leather wheelie thing with my initials on it. Everyone had one.”

Brant wore camo loafers to complement his Trapper Keeper, but the shoes that really blended into the crowd were Valentino’s cage-strapped, gold-studded, spiky “Rockstud” heels. At one point, there were at least ten pairs in attendance. Nicky Hilton wore hers with a red leather shift dress and bare legs, snowstorm be damned. “I guess it’s like their new hot shoe,” she said. “I’ve had them for a while.”