29 of the Best Bob Haircuts in History

Photo: Corbis, Splash News, Corbis

Last fall, Karlie Kloss caused quite a stir when she showed up to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show — a place where long legs and long hair are celebrated in equal measure — with a short, chin-skimming crop. But a hundred or so years before there was Karlie, there was an American dancer known as Irene Castle, who spent much of her early career dancing across Europe and picking up stylish notions, eventually chopping off her long hair into what is now known as the bob. She’s credited with bringing the look Stateside back in the early 1900s, and this soon became the cut to have for all the flapper girls. From then until now, there’s been an epic list of ladies who have shorn their hair, from Clara Bow to Courtney Love. Click through our slideshow to see the other notable participants, including supermodels (Linda, Naomi), one Spice Girl, a pint-size Natalie Portman, and more.