4 Ways to Mix Streetwear Into Your Daily Look


“Streetwear” can be intimidating: Not only are there tons of small labels, but it’s also easy to assume that you must have a high level of confidence to pull the clothing category off. So rather than wearing it all at once in an outfit, think of these pieces as an unexpected finishing touch. “Boy-meets-girl” has been the go-to trick employed by stylists for seasons now, anyway, so instead of adding a pair of oxfords to a pretty dress, why not add a snapback hat or a pair of cult sneakers? It has a similar masculine appeal but it’s a bit less expected — Comme des Fuck Down sweatshirt notwithstanding.

To help you try this look out, here are four outfits created from the most common streetwear pieces: the snapback hat, the graphic sweatshirt, the cult sneaker, and the varsity jacket. Click ahead to see our solutions for each.