The 82-Year-Old Inventor of Blowouts on His Muses

Photo: Courtesy photo, Everett Collection

These days, French women are admired for their effortless beauty. They all seem to wear easy, wash-and-go hairstyles and hardly a swipe of lipstick. But there was a time when blown out, coiffed hair was the look to have; the man who started it all was hairstylist and Phyto haircare founder, Patrick Alès. It began in his Paris salon back in 1965, when he decided to break free from styling hair with hot rollers for a new technique he called le brushing. Instead of forcing hair to curl up, he created his own round brush that would allow hair to naturally fall the way it was meant to, loose, with a subtle bend at the ends. Soon enough, the likes of Jackie O and Catherine Deneuve became regulars in his chair. Now, at the wise age of 82, he’s been around long enough to have touched some seriously well-heeled heads. Click through our slideshow as he reminisces over his first meeting with Jean Seberg, plus how he got one French beauty editor’s frizzy red hair to look just like Veronica Lake’s.

The 82-Year-Old Blowout Inventor on His Muses