Allison Williams Really Is That Type A

Photo: Splash News

In an interview with T, Allison Williams reveals herself to be one of those type A girls who keeps “a look book for inspiration … hair, makeup, beauty tips and products … just tearing things out of magazines for years and years and years.” You know that girl, the one with perfect bubble handwriting who carries travel tweezers in her purse for eyebrow emergencies. She never skips a step in her skin-care regimen, and her OCD is faintly adorable:

Q: What don’t you ever leave your apartment without?
A: I’m a major breath person, so I always have gum, mints.

Her hair is perfect because “I’m ambidextrous. I often wonder why people’s hair looks lopsided. It’s because it’s hard to reach both sides of your hair.” She’s “excited to commit” to your costume party, but needs to do a little more research on “punk”:

Q: Are there beauty looks you’d really like to try out? Bolder looks?
A: I’m getting ready for the Met Ball. The theme is punk, so I’ve been doing a lot of research. I’ve been looking through Sex Pistols photography, pictures of Vivienne Westwood. I’m really excited to commit to that theme.

This has been your regularly scheduled reminder that Allison Williams really is Marnie. (That Costume Institute Gala theme is going to be the gift that keeps giving, isn’t it?)

Allison Williams Really Is That Type A