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Are Bieber’s Abs Airbrushed On in This Picture?

Photo: Splash News/Corbis

After a concert in Birmingham last night, Justin Bieber arrived at his London hotel at 3 a.m. on the morning of his 19th birthday. He then darted around the wintry streets in a state of partial nudity. At first sight, I thought his abs might be airbrushed. (Necessary, perhaps, for the concert?) Upon zooming in, however, I remain open to the theory that he had been seated in a slouched position before this photo was taken, and those red lines are creases. Click to zoom.

After this photo was taken, Bieber put some clothes on and commenced “partying up a storm with rumored girlfriend Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke and a bevy of beauties.” Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke is an “aspiring British singer.”

Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, chilling with Bieber last night. Photo: Weir Photos/Splash News/Corbis
Are Bieber’s Abs Airbrushed On in This Picture?