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Carla Bruni Renaissance Now Involves Lana Del Rey

Photo: Corbis

After spending time — that included double thumbs-ups and David Koresh–like glasses — with Terry Richardson this week, the former “first lady” of France whistled Lana Del Rey’s name and opened up a beer in Berlin last night. Okay, technically, Carla was on hand to present the Best International Rock/Pop Artist statue to the Video Games singer at the 2013 Echo Music Awards, but look at these two! What do you think they’re gabbing about? Crystal-encrusted barrettes shaped like crocodiles? Something more culturally relevant, like Hannah and Adam? Maybe how yoga isn’t real, so everyone should calm down about their Lululemon leggings?

Carla and Lana. Lana and Carla.

Photograph not by Terry Richardson. Photo: A-way! / Splash News/www.splashnews.com

Ce matin, Carla made it back to Paris. And she carried her own guitar case, like Lana Del Rey probably doesn't.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Carla Bruni Renaissance Involves Lana Del Rey