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Is Being in the New Carl’s Jr. Ad the High or Low Point of Heidi Klum’s Career?

Typically reserved for Paris Hilton, Audrina Patridge, and rookie Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue models (see a younger Kate Upton eat a Southwest Patty Melt!), Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s next TV spot features Heidi Klum, who promotes their Jim Beam Bourbon Burger. “What I love about the commercials is that they’re always super sexy, but they also have a lot of humor to them,” Klum tells the camera in this behind-the-scenes video. “My favorite part is always when this beautiful girl bites into this gigantic burger and it has that sound effect of [chomping noise].” Her ad is Graduate-themed — “Basically, I am playing Mrs. Robinson, and I’m seducing this cute, little boy with my burger,” Klum explains. As for the casting decision, “[Heidi]’s a little bit higher level and I think this product is for mature people … for mature tastebuds only,” Justin Hooper, one of the advertisement’s creative directors, remarks. This one’s going right over Carl’s Jr. customers’ heads.

Is Carl’s Jr. Ad the Low Point of Klum’s Career?