In Case You Missed It: See Eighth-Grade Riot Grrrls in Dirty Girls

What’s better than nineties nostalgia? Dirty Girls, the short documentary about a real-life clique of aspiring riot grrrls shot by a Los Angeles high-school senior in 1996, now available on YouTube. Michael Lucid follows two zine-making, punk-show-playing sisters who have a reputation for not showering “since Kurt Cobain died.” After the documentary went viral earlier this month, Vice caught up with Amber and Harper, who, spoiler alert, turned out fine. Harper is a photographer and videographer; Amber works “the family business,” which includes real estate and shatter-proof wine glasses. Here’s hoping the savvy rebooters of Boy Meets World and Clarissa Explains It All are taking notes.

In Case You Missed It: Dirty Girls