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Columbia Frat Scavenger Hunt Rewards Obscure Sex Act

Photo: Andria Patino/Corbis

Columbia University’s Bwog obtained the points system to a fraternity scavenger hunt — apparently Pi Kappa Alpha’s — that was left beside a library printer by some scatterbrained pledge. (Somebody’s eating vomlet tonight!) The tasks on the checklist (pictured here) range from the patriotic (“Plant a flag at the 9/11 Memorial: 10 pts”) and the Zeitgeist-y (“Harlem Shake video: 10 points”) to the mean (“Video of pledges piggy-back racing on fat girls: 10 pts”) and the cruel (“[Steal] Homeless man’s shoe: 10 pts”). Unsurprisingly, many involve the sexual conquest of women.

But at least it’s an equal-opportunity strain of creepiness, in which all stolen panties are created equal.

“Panties from an FIT girl: 5 pts”

“Panties from an NYU girl (sorority better): 5 pts”

“Panties from a XXL girl: 5 pts”

Most edifying is the large score (25) awarded a video of a pledge “poonspeeding” — a sex act so obscure it has yet to be defined by Urban Dictionary. The brothers helpfully offered the following definition:

“(eating pussy while wearing swim cap and goggles)”

File under: Things Cosmo didn’t prepare us for.

Frat Scavenger Hunt Rewards Obscure Sex Act