Fug Girls: The Fashion (and Star) History of Nicole Richie

Photo: Getty Images

NBC brings back its semi-maligned (and now apparently semi-revamped) Fashion Star on Friday, and returning with it is mentor and judge Nicole Richie — a designer and business owner who has come a long way since frightening country folk on The Simple Life. Indeed, Richie has so sufficiently cleaned up her act that it’s hard to reconcile her stylishly Bohemian persona with the shaggy, artless party girl who once hung out with Paris Hilton and was briefly jailed for driving on the wrong side of a Los Angeles freeway. We rifled through Richie’s photographic history (some of which she doubtless wishes would have stayed buried in one of those farmers’ pastures) and compiled a slideshow of her impressive evolution from scruffy to sleek — or from “hott” to haute, as Paris might have put it. Spoiler: Removing that particular accessory was one of Nicole’s best moves.

Fug Girls: The Fashion History of Nicole Richie