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Hannah’s Rock-Bottom T-Shirt on Girls’ Season Finale

Hannah hits rock bottom.
Hannah hits rock bottom. Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

The season finale of Girls brought a new low for Hannah, who ended the episode in Adam’s arms, her head shorn and her T-shirt hanging off her body. (It seems symbolic that Hannah dislikes pants just as much as Adam dislikes shirts.) Meanwhile, Marnie keeps exploring her casual side, and Shoshanna wears black for the first time. Costume designer Jenn Rogien talks us through the episode’s looks.

Is Hannah wearing the same gross T-shirt that she wore to the hospital in the last episode?
Yes! I was watching the show with my husband last night, and he goes, “Is that the same shirt that she’s supposedly been wearing for days?” And it is! We were conveying that she just doesn’t have it together, at all. She can’t change her clothes, or eat, or bathe, and it’s actually very sad. And we’ve all been there in our lives, whether it’s depression or a breakup or mental illness, and it’s just the worst.

Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

It seemed significant that Adam was shirtless when he came running to Hannah’s rescue.
Yes. That was very significant, because we saw him put on new shirts when he was with Natalia, and it signaled that he was being someone other than himself. With Hannah, for better or for worse, he can be himself — and he doesn’t like to wear shirts. But that was a funny scene to shoot; Adam had to run around outside shirtless for several days, and he was a really good sport.

Adam and Hannah. Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Marnie, on the other hand, gets her happy ending in that bluish-green shirt.
Yeah! It’s the same color as that blue dress she wore in the last episode when she reconnected with Charlie. I think we got it at Urban Outfitters. But it’s a moment when she’s casual and relaxed, but she actually looks really good.

Marnie and Charlie. Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

I also noticed that she’s wearing a bracelet that matches the shirt, which is a very Marnie thing to do after having casual sex.
Yes, it’s a teal and navy enamel bracelet that I think we got from J.Crew. It’s a nod to Marnie being matchy-matchy all the time. Marnie’s still Marnie, but she still relaxed in a way that we haven’t seen her yet.

Ray wears that lavender collared shirt when he gets dumped, which seems so sad, because he actually looks quite put-together.
Yes, he’s not just wearing a T-shirt — he’s trying, he really is. But there’s also a green T-shirt showing underneath the button-down, so he still has that very “Ray” element. We also used his boss Hermie (played by Colin Quinn) as a foil, to show what Ray will look like in 30 years if he continues on the same path. Hermie also wears a green T-shirt, and he’s balding and sort of messy.

Ray. Photo: Jessica Miglio

Hermie also refers to Shoshanna having a purse shaped like a crescent roll. Is that a reference to her pink handbag?
I think that was just a joke. We didn’t consciously choose accessories that looked like bread products, so I think it was just a caricature of how she dresses.

Hermie and Ray. Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Laird the junkie still had his beanie, which I know is the actor’s own. Were you nervous he might lose it between episodes, since it’s such an important part of his character?
Yes, that’s his signature. We just called him up and said, “You’ve still got that, right?” And he said, “Yeah!” and brought it in. Apparently [Jon Glaser, the actor] is very responsible with his beanie.

Shoshanna. Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO

Shoshanna’s butterfly dress, which she wears to break up with Ray, was kind of heartbreaking.
It really was. It was the first time we used a dress with a black background on her. It’s a very dark color on her, and she’s wearing heels, and it’s meant to reflect that she’s been decisive and made up her mind. She still has Shoshanna signatures, like the butterflies, but she’s really breaking new ground.

Hannah’s Rock-Bottom Tee on Girls’ Season Finale