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Jessica Biel Goes Out When Justin Timberlake Is Sick

Photo: Christopher Polk/2013 Getty Images

Jessica Biel didn’t let husband Justin Timberlake’s sniffles stop her from raging in Las Vegas, where the two were reportedly at a bachelor/bachelorette weekend. According to the Post, Timberlake lay low with a cold while Biel and friends went to 1 Oak, where People reports she sat at a table stocked with vodka, Champagne, and something called “fireball cinnamon whiskey” until after 3 a.m. We love a woman who takes her bachelorette duties seriously, and a couple that can party independently. In fact, giving yourself a nasty hangover is among the best ways we know to share your sick significant other’s misery. 

Jessica Biel Goes Out When Justin Is Sick