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Kate Middleton Practiced Her Mom Squats

Mom practice.
Mom practice. Photo: AFP/2013 AFP

As you may have already seen, Kate Middleton journeyed to the small seaport town of Grimsby today, where she was met by cheering crowds, adorable children, and one borderline creepy, overly adoring motorcycle rider carrying a wooden sword. She wore a brown coat by British contemporary label Hobbs that she’s worn at least twice before, once in February 2012 and once on the following Christmas Day, only with the belt fastened more loosely this time. Click through our slideshow for highlights from her itinerary, which included visiting with a fisherman mannequin and hordes of firemen.

Photo: Chris Jackson/2013 Getty Images

Before Kate arrived in Grimsby, this gentleman (Getty calls him a “royal enthusiast”) paved the way for her journey.

Photo: AFP/2013 AFP

Then she showed up and obliged the crowd by touching her belly, almost.

Photo: WPA Pool/2013 Getty Images

This little guy was a bit nervous ahead of his grand romantic gesture.

Photo: Samir Hussein/2013 Samir Hussein


Photo: AFP/2013 AFP

Now that, Kate Middleton, is a real princess dress.

Photo: WPA Pool/2013 Getty Images

She was given a tour of the National Fishing Heritage Centre by John Vincent, who is characterized as a “former trawler-man.” 

Photo: WPA Pool/2013 Getty Images

Then she sat next to this creepy fisherman mannequin who looked like he was checking out her tummy. Can’t really blame him, though.

Photo: WPA Pool/2013 Getty Images

Here she is with volunteers at the local fire crew. The tall guy behind her will never live this down.