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Kate Moss Took Her New Louis Vuitton Outfit for a Spin

Photo: Splash News

As Louis Vuitton’s longstanding celebrity model of choice, it’s no surprise that Kate Moss was the first to wear the latest collection. She showed up to a Kérastase event in London last night in a combination of look 31 (the dress) and look 20 (the fur coat) from last Thursday’s show. Not to be outdone, her date — Kérastase artistic director Luigi Murenu — wore a sheer button-down embroidered with what resembles a leather breastplate, paired with leather trousers and a pirate-style belt. What a fine pair, no? It also appears Luigi had time to give Kate a highlight touch-up before the party. Perks!

Kate Moss Took Her New Louis Vuitton for a Spin