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Karl Lagerfeld Clarifies Comments on Michelle Obama’s Bangs

Back in January, Karl Lagerfeld announced his confusion about Michelle Obama’s bangs — “frankly, the fringe was a bad idea” — and compared her to “une speakerine de LCI,” or a broadcaster for French news channel La Chaîne Info (think CNN). As it turns out, Lagerfeld was a guest on LCI earlier this week and the host asked him exactly which “speakerine” the First Lady looks like: Marie-Aline Meliyi or Erika Moulet (at left and at right, respectively, ten seconds into the clip), and he picked Meliyi, adding she could be FLOTUS’s sister. He continued, “I’m a great admirer of Madame Obama, I just prefer her without bangs because it doesn’t cover her face. But if she wanted to do it for her fiftieth birthday [ed. note: she’s 49, however, he’s … trying], then I like it.” He also said he’d refrain from using the word speakerine, opting for the more respectable présentatrice or journaliste instead. What a champion of women’s rights.

Lagerfeld Clarifies Comments on MObama’s Bangs