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Watch Marilyn Manson Exit a Party in a Cloud of Smoke

Photo: Sellebrity RICK / Splash News

You know that feeling when you’re leaving a party, and you’re too tired to say good-bye to everyone, much less fight your way through a crowd or compete for a taxi? And you keep thinking, if only I could say “abracadabra,” disappear in a cloud of smoke, and magically be back home. Marilyn Manson feels that way, too.

It is unclear who, exactly, set off a smoke bomb as Mariliyn Manson exited the after-party for Spring Breakers’ L.A. premiere. Splash News’ photo captions alternate between “His driver throws a smoke cannister to make a scene,” and “A security guard let off a smoke bomb which covered the whole entrance way.” Video shows Manson waiting behind a pillar until the cloud grows thick. Later, the fire department shows up.

Now, I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, because Marilyn Manson. But admit it: If you had the ability to disappear into a cloud of smoke every time you didn’t feel like dealing with people, you would totally do it, too.

Marilyn Manson Exits a Party in a Cloud of Smoke