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Matthew Terry: ‘I’ve Been Working on My Core Since, Like, the Eighth Grade’

Matthew Terry.
Matthew Terry. Photo: Calvin Klein

Matthew Terry, the shirtless Calvin Klein model who caused many an awkward silence in American living rooms during Super Bowl commercial breaks, sat down with the Times this week to discuss how he maintains his figure. He’s humble about it — well, as much as can be expected: “People get the idea that they’ll never look like me. Well, I’ll never look like a body builder or a basketball player. It’s about accepting your boundaries and being able to work with them.” (One’s boundaries being deltoid-shaped helps, of course.)

So, does he have a weakness? “I like Hershey’s dark chocolate. I like chocolate with almonds, too. I could die for that.” His meditative Twitter feed reveals that he has a soft spot for Wawa, too, like any red-blooded New Jerseyan.

Matt Terry Has Worked on His Abs Since 8th Grade