Chloë Sevigny and Other Stars, As Photographed in the Nineties

Photo: Marcelo Krasilcic

In Brazilian-born photographer Marcelo Krasilcic’s latest book of photographs, a cloth-bound two-volume publication aptly titled 1990s, the international fashion photographer and portraitist whose work has appeared in publications like Purple, Dazed & Confused, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue Hommes International chose to focus on his early years when he first moved to New York. The 300 pages are filled intimate, raw, and often erotic snapshots of  the decade’s most recognizable liberated youth: artists, designers, and musicians — everything from a bikini-clad Chloë Sevigny on a ferry boat in her early twenties to album covers for Everything But the Girl. The photographs also record Krasilcic’s day-to-day life, full of men and women sprawled out in the nude on crisp white bedsheets, entwined on sofas, and jumping into pools.

“How much am I in control of my destiny? That was one of my main questions during the 90’s,” the photographer writes in his book. “By creating images that looked real, I was able to write my own history. If I was feeling lonely, I had intimate images to remind me I was not alone.” The book was released in conjunction with an exhibit, which will be at the Colette in Paris until March 30. Click ahead for a first look on the Cut.

Sevigny and Other Stars, As Shot in the Nineties