Sorry, Chris Brown Probably Didn’t Say He and Rihanna Split

Here’s a bizarre study in the misinformational power of social media: L.A. radio station Power 106 tweeted that Chris Brown said he and Rihanna weren’t together:

The claim instantly appeared on Perez Hilton and other gossip sites. But as Idolator notes, those who listened to Brown’s lengthy interview with the radio station heard him discussing his relationship with Rihanna — spending time together, tweeting pictures together, and Brown’s plans to attend shows on Rihanna’s Diamonds tour. Earlier this week, he described candlelit dinners with Rihanna. So why is Power 106 quoting Brown answering the question “Are you still with Rihanna?” with “Uh, no — that’s the short answer”?

So far nobody has found the moment in the broadcast — which is available on YouTube — when Brown actually says that. The best I can find is in the above video: Interviewer Big Boy asks Brown whether he lied last time he was on the show, when he denied that he and Rihanna had reunited.

Big Boy: You and Rihanna. Are y’all back together?
Brown: No — and that’s just quick.

“I didn’t really lie,” the contemporary Brown sputters. “I just didn’t — I didn’t — I didn’t tell the truth.” Then everyone laughs. The point of the segment, flashback and all, is that Chris and Rihanna were dating then and are dating now. If I’m mistaken, and anyone can find the quote that Power 106 tweeted actually in the audio from the interview, let me know. But so far even the gossip sites that are picking up the quote and pairing it with the YouTube videos have failed to point out where, exactly, the fateful quote occurs, if not in the above flashback.

Sorry, Chris Didn’t Say He and Rihanna Split