Tory Burch Officially a Billionaire, Says Forbes

Photo: Will Ragozzino/

Forbes released its annual Billionaires List, and among this year’s new entrants are Renzo Rosso of Diesel ($3 billion), Bruce Nordstrom ($1.2 billion), and Tory Burch ($1 billion). When Burch and ex-husband Chris settled their lawsuit at the end of December, PrivCo Media LLC determined that Tory’s company was worth $3.3 billion, with Bloomberg adding, “her net worth exceeds $1 billion after accounting for more than $70 million she received from equity sales and dividends in the past decade.”

Topping the Rich People Index was Carlos Slim, followed by Bill Gates, and — twist! — Amancio Ortega, founding chairman of Inditex, which owns Zara. According to Forbes, Ortega is 2012’s “biggest gainer, adding $19.5 billion to his fortune in one year,” meaning he’s now worth $57 billion. LVMH’s Bernard Arnault came in tenth (net worth: a measly $29 billion). Bernie might want to come with on our next Zara shopping trip; look at these fancy mandals.

T. Burch Officially a Billionaire, Says Forbes