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Kate Upton Has ‘No Idea’ About That June Vogue Cover

Kate Upton.
Kate Upton. Photo: Craig Barritt/2012 Getty Images

When asked about her rumored June Vogue cover, Kate Upton just played dumb. “I have no idea what’s happening,” she told Esquire at a Samsung event yesterday. “You know, I feel like it’s easier to deal with my schedule just one day at a time.” Speaking of which, has she had any luck getting that kid’s prom on her calendar? “Everybody’s questioning me on my response and my schedule. But it’s like, I’m kind of busy. I need to move around some stuff, but I love the video, and I’m really gonna try to make it work.” So, that’s a yes?

Upton Has ‘No Idea’ About Vogue’s June Cover