The Greatest Gross-Out Moments From the Girls of Girls (So Far)

Last week’s penultimate episode of the second season of HBO’s Girls had viewers tweeting about how physically and emotionally uncomfortable they were feeling after watching Marnie sing a cringe-worthy rendition of “Stronger,” Hannah jab a Q-Tip into her ear until it bled, and Adam have a really disturbing sexual encounter with his new girlfriend. All those moments are gross in their own way, which have been discussed. But some of our favorite scenes from the show are the ones that actually make us say “Eww!” as we hysterically laugh. (It’s downright funny to watch Jessa deep in self-pity, while snot-rocketing in the tub.) The girls of Girls spit, puke, snort coke off toilets, pick wedgies, and pee where and when they need to pee. As we wait for Sunday’s final episode, where we’ll surely see another one of these scenes, watch our video compilation above to see the greatest gross-out moments from the girls of Girls.

Video: Great Gross-Out Moments From Girls