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Video Proves Kate Middleton Didn’t Actually Say ‘D—’ for Daughter

Photo: AFP/2013 AFP

And thus we witness the rise and fall of yet another royal baby rumor, courtesy of the Daily Mail: This video proves that earlier this week, when Kate Middleton was presented with a stuffed bear, she did not slip up and say, “Thank you, I’ll give that to my d—” before stopping herself. Instead, she said, “Oh, is this for us? Thank you so much, that’s very sweet of you.” As you’ll then see, the D question actually came up further down the line, and Kate swiftly shot it down — with a finger-wag, no less! In other news, why don’t people take more videos of Kate interacting with her adoring fans? This one is oddly enthralling, in a nightmarish kind of way.

Video: Middleton Didn’t Say ‘D—’ for Daughter