25 Non-Black Dresses for Every Summer Wedding


Welcome to Weddings Week at the Cut, where instead of overloading you with the traditional stuff that comes along with getting married, we think outside the box. 

If you’ve entered that phase in your life where everyone on Facebook is changing their “In a Complicated Relationship With” statuses to “Engaged,” then you’re most likely attending about 800 weddings in the next few months. Which means you need a dress or two to get you through the season. Obviously white is forbidden, but that doesn’t mean your only other option is black. It’s (almost) the summer, so why not opt for color? Think girly pinks, shades of blue, sunny yellows, and blooming florals. After all, weddings are about celebration and joy. So choose the prettiest frock you can find and take no shame in wearing it to absolutely everyone’s special day. We’ve rounded up our favorite options in the slideshow ahead.